traveling tips, trials and errors…


Traveling is not easy. It includes many trials and errors. That is part of the challenge.

When we started camping we had been warned about those beautiful little creatures,that come during night or day and ravage your camps in search of food, the RACCOONS!!!

I have a long history with them, and I, for the most, like them; until of course…..

I think it was our second or third camping experience, and we thought that we knew how to keep them to steal our goods.  We had acquired a big cooler (we have two now) to keep our food cold for 24 hours and  away from the raccoons as well;  there was a latch on the thing and no one we thought could open it without human intelligence!!!

We had nurtured all the way from home a dozen perfectly ripe peaches. We  had even brought up with us our blender since our luxury camping included access to water and electricity, and were looking forward to juice them for breakfast the next morning….how proud and excited we were to be able to achieve that while camping!!   and we were sure no one in the camp was going to have such a marvelous breakfast….

The raccoons thought otherwise, and when we got up the next morning they had opened the cooler, and had a feast with the peaches and everything else that was in there, and what they did not like they made sure that we could not reuse ….

Now when we walk around early in the morning and we see a camp ravaged by raccoons, we laugh like experienced camper << here are some who are going to have a surprise when they get up, loook at that mess!!!>>.

Now we know to put everything back in the car , even when we leave for a short time, because we don’t know when they are going to decide to drop by, and invite themselves to a vegan feast!!!…

Here is a list of foods that works for us while camping:(after many trials and errors!!)

– bread (we always have a loaf of our favorite  sprouted bread with us): sandwiches are easy and do not require much time to make. We always make sandwiches for lunch and take them with us in our backpack, so we do not have to come back at the camp for lunch.

  • sprouts hold better than lettuce
  • vegeanaise and mustard are a must
  •  I always have some pesto and hummus, they are great on sandwiches
  • tempeh or tofu salad (we love it,but they are beans and spoil within a couple days so be careful with that.)
  • you can always have some veggie burger or other false meat from the health food store, it is not great but will work for a few days ( read the ingredients carefully , some are better than others)
  • some kind of pressed salad is nice because it holds very well. Liliane loves marinated cucumbers, so we take some with us, or we make grated carrot salad.
  • easy cooking grains: quinoa, millet,buckwheat,cracked oats or oat meal for breakfast, and a thermos to cook it (very easy to use while camping, saves on energy and keeps the food warm till the next meal)
  • toasted seeds for protein (we do not cook any beans, too much trouble !)
  • nori and dulse ( the easiest sea vegetables to use)
  • home made cookies!!!( I have to have some kind of healthy sweets to satisfy my craving)
  • Vegetables for the grill ( the easiest way to cook while camping) like corn, squash etc…those are our favorites, but feel free to try anything you like… we also put fruits on the grill,like apples, peaches…yummy…

These are just a few examples. I am sure that I forgot a few things, and you might have a few ideas about what to take that you would like to share with us.


Again for us the motto  is practicality, no hustle, easy and nutritious as well. So I will share with you the two new things we’ve discover:


I read about it in an old book and it did not give any recipes, so I decided to try it out for a week before going camping and see how it worked.(I am glad I did) All it said on the book is bring water to a boil, put in the thermos over the grains and eat it for the next meal.

The only two grains that work like that are Quinoa and buckwheat, probably oat meal as well, but I did not try it.

I tried brown rice like that with no good result; I simmered the rice for 10 Mn before    putting it in the thermos; the bottom half was cooked perfectly, the top half was only half way cooked. I was going to try to put more water than the usual amount required for brown rice, but I decided it was not worth my time, feel free to try it.

For Millet I have to bring the water with the grain to a boil,before I put it in the thermos or it will not be cooked enough.

Same thing for cracked oats.

Generally, thermos are not that big, mine contains 24oz, and keep the heat for about 15 hours, not bad for traveling.

I can cook:

1cup of quinoa to 1 1/2  cup of water.

1/2 cup of millet to 3 cups of water

1cup of buckwheat to 2 cups of water

1 cup of cracked oats to 3cups of water

I use a funnel with a large opening to put my grains into the thermos, because the opening of the thermos is not very large and makes it hard to put in your grain after you clean it.


This is great for a snack at home, or traveling anywhere (very nutritious and digestible) make sure to chew it well. I make it before leaving as it is easy to store in a jar

You can make your own blend (I use pumpkin and sunflower seeds). Experiment with walnuts, cashews etc… the trick is to let them soak for at least 4 hours( I do it over night) rinse well and place in a cast iron pan or other (I like cast iron better) on low heat, you do not want to burn the seeds. Just dry them very well, and lightly toast them.

They will stick to the pan at first, so keep stirring with a metal spatula. They will stop sticking after a while. You know they are done when, using a spoon, they do not stick to it anymore. At this point you can use a few drop of shoyu or rice syrup, and stir very well to coat all the seeds. Or leave them plain if you prefer. Or mix and match several batches.

Make a large amount (I make 2 cups at a time) because it will keep well in the cooler or your refrigerator.( great snack!!!)

Bon Appetit


PHARMACY PART with Liliane

Part of my camping prep job is preparing an herbal kit to take along with an assortment of Chinese Medicine formulas. Didier made fun of me a couple of times…I take things for stomach aches, diarrhea, sore throat, wounds…it seemed like a bit too much. Well…well…it did come in handy a couple of times and guess who was happy to use the remedies??? I’ll let you guess.

When you travel, unexpected things happen and part of the fun is the break in our routine and safe, comfortable, home place. Otherwise, why travel and bother?

Once, we were kayaking and stopping along the way on lovely beaches. While we were dragging the kayak, Didier stepped on a sharp oyster shell. Aouch…those can cut and Didier had indeed a deep cut into his foot. The salt water kept the cut from getting infected but his foot was painful.

One of the remedies I always take with us is YUNNAN BAI YAO…a traditional Chinese medicine remedy, actually patented by the Chinese government as its healing powers and history are well documented. One of its main herbs is pseudo-ginseng (San Qi), a blood mover that can stop hemorrhaging. It was a remedy that the Vietnamese carried with them to use when they were wounded in the jungle and had no access to  emergency medical care. They used it to stop bleeding from gun shots, broken bones etc. The powder may be used externally but the remedy can also be taken internally to accelerate the healing of tissues and relieve pain. I have used it several times over the years, for my mother once who had fallen on an escalator and had her back all black and blue. Everytime, Yunnan Bai Yao does its job. This time was no different. When back at camp, I put some powder on the wound and a bandage. I had Didier take the remedy a couple of times that evening and continued the next day. By the next day, Didier did not feel any pain. The cut was nicely and cleanly closed, Didier took off the bandage and that was it! of course, the fact that we do not include sugar, cheese or meat in our diet helps the healing as well. However, the rapidity of the healing with Yunnan Bai Yao is quite impressive, and it has never failed me or the people I tried to help.

Another remedy I always take along is peppermint and lavender essential oils. Peppermint is great for so many things, from lightly upset stomach to sore muscles or congested sinuses. Lavender, on the other hand, is a perfect remedy for burns (sunburns or burns from the grill or fire). They do not take much room and they smell delicious.

Next week, I’ll share a few more food and herbal remedies. Stay tuned!!!



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